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Meet Dr. Casillas, the doctor taking heart health beyond his office.

A graduate of both Harvard’s Medical School and School of Public Health, Dr. Casillas is passionate about making comprehensive health care easily accessible in our community.  “I noticed that many of my patients have a hard time continuously accessing quality care. They have a difficult time arranging transportation, understanding their treatment, and following through with their care plan, among other obstacles. I realized we needed to work with our patients to overcome these barriers to receiving care and becoming healthy."

Dr. Casillas is now AltaMed’s Vice President of Medical Management – the team that works with each patient to develop a care plan and help them stick to it. “Managed care ensures that every patient has access to consistent, quality medical treatment,” he explains. “This is especially important for patients with heart disease. Our team helps these patients stay on track with their treatment and adopt a healthier lifestyle. A strong heart is essential to living a long, happy, healthy life, something every member of our community deserves.”



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